Cybersecurity awareness training

Small businesses can benefit greatly from cybersecurity awareness training and phishing simulations. These training tools help employees recognize and prevent potential threats, such as data breaches, malware infections, and phishing attempts. Regular security training can also increase employees' security savviness, helping to reduce the risk of scams. Entry-level employees, in particular, are more vulnerable to cybercrime due to their lack of training and lower level of access to sensitive information. By providing phishing simulations and security awareness training, small businesses can better protect themselves from malicious activity.

We offer autonomous phishing simulations: from auditing to ongoing training, the simulator is fully autonomous, allowing your team to sit back and watch your organisational cyber awareness increase. Every employee is different, the simulator creates a personal dynamic training program for each employee that changes based on employee performance. The simulator also includes micro-training to reinforce secure online behaviours. 

There is no black or white in cybersecurity training our attacks are designed to understand precisely what are the weaknesses and strengths of each employee from late at night emails, to system notifications.

All engagements are recorded and detailed reports can be created on the performance of departments or users groups.