Our Approach

Expert advisory

We are practitioners having worked with and in Fortune 100 companies.

Bringing dozens of years of cybersecurity advisory and hands-on experience.

Innovative Tech

Our partners are innovative in their fields and have offerings specifically for small and medium businesses.


We use simple language, simple pricing. If we can't explain it in a way that a non-IT person understands, we don't put it out to the world!

Cost Effective

We provide guidance, DIY packs and don't oversell with things you don't need.

Just choose what you need.

Build a security culture from the ground up.

We will guide you on how and where to start, the rest of the journey we will make sure to support you as you build your security culture rather than do it for you. Because we know that when something is parachuted into a company and employees do not have a stake in it... It usually fails.

Grow your business while keeping it secure

Our offerings are built for not only your current company, but also when you scale it up! It is future-proof and will fit for small 5 person teams and 250.

Give your teams and customers the peace of mind they want from your services and products.

What makes us unique

New tech

We work and test every technology/product we write about.


You have the freedom to choose only what you need.


We have extensive experience in security.


What we offer in most cases be used out of the box.


We listen to our customers and other small business owners.


We review and use the same resources as we offer others!

Our clients speak

Nikola Tesla

Inventor, Croatia

Dependable, Responsive, Professional Partner

If only I found Start Security earlier I could have had easier time protecting my invention.

Issac Newton

Mathematician, England

Dependable, Responsive, Professional Partner

I can't believe how easy Start-Security has made everything! It's even easier than my own theories.

5 stars to Start-Security for doing complex things easy.

Abraham Lincoln 

President, USA

Dependable, Responsive, Professional Partner

I could not have even imagined security can be that easy for someone who is not proficient with internet like myself. Start-security made it easy to understand and best of all free!

Hedy Lamarr 

Actress/Inventor, Australia

Dependable, Responsive, Professional Partner

Wish Start-Security and all the free offerings were around back in my time starting this, it may have changed even the course of history!